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Essay about Passion and Practicality of Jane Eyre

Passion and Practicality of Jane Eyre Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre is a coming-of-age story about an unconventional womans development within a society of strict rules and expectations. At pivotal moments in Janes life, she makes choices which are influenced by her emotions and/or her reason. Through the results of those choices, Jane learns to balance passion and practicality to achieve true happiness. Jane is a spirited woman, and her emotions give her a strength of character that is unusual for a female heroine of this period. Rather than being nervous and oversensitive, Jane expresses her feelings through anger. The first example of this occurs at one of the pivotal moments of her life, when John Reed hits†¦show more content†¦When she is locked in the Red Room, she flies into a fit of temper, and ...prepared as my mind was for horror, shaken as my nerves were by agitation, I thought the swift darting beam was a herald of some coming vision from another world. My heart beat thick, my head grew hot; a sound filled my ears, which I deemed the rushing of wings; something seemed near me; I was oppressed, suffocated. Too much emotion leads to irrationality, and Jane is ill for some time as a result. Having found a new strength in rebellion, Jane is placed in another oppressive situation: Lowood School. In this situation, there is little opportunity for her to resist; she has a different lesson to learn. Shortly after her arrival at Lowood, Jane meets Helen Burns, who teaches her patience and rationality. Helen is in many ways a Christ figure, accepting what happens to her as Gods will and speaking often of heavenly rewards. When Jane is falsely accused and humiliated by Mr. Brocklehurst, her instinct is to lash out in anger, and she finds it difficult to deal with her emotions. When Miss Temple asks her to explain why the accusations are false, it is Helen Burns words that allow Jane to present her side of the story fairly. ...mindful of Helens warningsShow MoreRelatedHow does St John Rivers compare to Rochester? Essay1193 Words   |  5 PagesJane Eyre is a novel written by Charlotte Bronte in 1847, it is written in the first-person narrative. The plot follows Jane Eyre throug h her life from a young age and through the novel the reader sees Jane maturing from a young girl into adulthood, Jane also goes through many emotions and experiences and the book touches on many themes for example love, social class and religion. During the novel Jane encounters two important men and through these men has two proposals of marriage, one fromRead MoreJane Eyre: a Coming of Age Story -Grade = 80b1762 Words   |  8 PagesJane Eyre: A Coming of Age Story Charlotte Bronte’s novel, Jane Eyre, is a coming of age story, about a young, orphaned, and submissive girl growing up, through many hardships, into a young, passionate, and free willed woman. Charlotte Bronte begins the story with a ten-year-old Jane Eyre living with an impartial and sometimes cruel aunt, Aunt Reed. Aunt Reed, after neglecting Jane for the whole of her life, finally decides to send her away to boarding school, to Lowood School. Upon her departure

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Wolfgang Gottlieb Mozart s Life Essay - 806 Words

Joannes Chrisostomus Wolfgang Gottlieb Mozart was born January 27, 1756 in his family’s third-floor apartment at 9 Getreidegasse, to Leopold and Anna Maria Pertl Mozart in the city of Salzburg, which is now Austria. At the time, Salzburg was part of the Holy Roman Empire. Mozart was baptized the day after his birth, January 28, 1756 at St. Rupert s Cathedral. Mozart had six siblings and the only sibling who survived after birth was his older sister, Maria Anna, who had the nickname Nannerl. Wolfgang was his grandfather’s name. Gottlieb, his godfather’s surname, was later translated into Amadeus. Mozart confirmed that he would be called Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. His father, Leopold Mozart was a German who was a violinist at the prince-archbishop’s court, as well as a musician, conductor, composer, and teacher. In the year of Wolfgang’s birth he published what became a standard book on the technique of playing the violin and the following year he was appointed court composer. His mother Anna Maria, was very supportive of Mozart’s father. Mozart was Leopold and Anna’s last child. Leopold was very big on making sure his two children succeed. He wanted to develop their talents to a high maximum, to make money and raise his social status, because he gave up on his own composing. Although Leopold pushed the children to do best for his social status, Leopold saw it as his role as a father to the children. Leopold’s wife, agreed on all of his actions towards Mozart and Maria Anna.

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Ethics Of Human Resources Ethics - 1593 Words

Ethics In Human Resources Logan Fjelstad March 13, 2015 Ethics In Human Resources Ethics in the workplace are an important part of any business owner or business managers job. The human resources department or HR deal with a vast array of different ethical challenges. HR departments deal directly with everyone employed by a company. HR can include many ethical pitfalls that can lead to a bad reputation or damage a companies financial sustainability if the situation is not handled properly. That is why understanding how important ethics in an HR department can be crucial for any business owner whether it big or small (Ethics). When companies do have a breach of ethics in their HR department it can lead these companies into a big legal mess within both the civil and criminal areas. There are some companies that have good ethics programs in place and by doing this can help avoid legal trouble when it comes to any discrimination and any hostile work environment issues they may be having. When it comes to the civil area of ethics violations in HR I sat down and spoke with my father who is a civil rights attorney in Gresham that mainly deals with business law, his name is Eric Fjelstad. Below is the transcript from our interview; The first question was what is the top ethical violation you see a client bring to your attention? Assuming that legal violations are â€Å"ethical violations,† the most common violations relate to employees who are perceived toShow MoreRelatedThe Ethics Of Human Resource Management896 Words   |  4 PagesWhile senior level leadership and managers are responsible for the ethical climate of an organization as well as being influencers on the ethical behavior of employees (Meinert, 2014), the role of human resource management (HRM) in the cultivation of an ethical workplace cannot be underestimated. Through the development of behavioral policies, codes of conduct, and training initiatives (Unit 8 Lecture Notes, n.d.), as well as their involvement in hiring and evaluation, HRM helps to build an ethicalRead MoreThe Ethics Of Human Resource Development1778 Words   |  8 Pages Jasmine Williams-Thompson HRD 5343 Foundations of Human Resource Development Paper Critique September 28, 2015 Managers’ personal values as predictors of importance attached to training and development: a cross-country exploratory by David McGuire, ThomaS n. Garavan, David O’Donnell, Sudhir k. Saha and Maria Cseh Introduction Very few studies have been tested to show the importance of training and development even though managers may explain the importance of it within their organizationRead MoreHuman Resource Management: The Guardian of Ethics1724 Words   |  7 PagesCritically evaluate if HRM managers can be the â€Å"Guardian of Ethics† in an organization. Human Resource Management is the process of acquiring, training, appraising and compensating employees, and of attending to their labor relations, health and safety and fairness concern. â€Å"Human Resource Management is a distinctive approach to employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage through the strategic deployment of a highly committed and capable workforce, using an array of culturalRead MoreBusiness Ethics For Human Resource Management1309 Words   |  6 Pagesimplications of business ethics for human resource management? Explain the potential roles of human resource managers in the ethical conduct of business. By Shehan Perera (100684161) Ethics in HRM suggests the treatment of employees with common decency and justice. Ethical business practices contributes to the long and short term business objectives as the employees will feel motivated thus they will work efficiently and effectively . The conduct of ethics in HRM fundamentallyRead MoreHuman Resources, Strategy And Business Ethic1545 Words   |  7 PagesHuman Resources, Strategy and Business Ethic Page Break Introduction The 21st century workplace environment is established on numerous reforms and transformations in different aspects that constitute the management of human resources. Therefore, the human resource departments in different departments have adopted different approaches to managing their employees. In this regard, most businesses and organizations across the globe have adopted different concepts of strategic human resource managementRead MoreThe Implications Of Business Ethics For Human Resource Management1457 Words   |  6 Pagesbusiness ethics for human resource management? Explain the potential role(s) of human resource managers in the ethical conduct of business. Provide examples where appropriate. Essay The concept of business ethics is gaining more and more attention from many different organisations. Business ethics relate to the ethical judgments of what is right and wrong in an organisation (Sparks et al. 2010, p.2). Human resource management in particular, demonstrates the implications of business ethics throughRead MoreWgu Human Resources Code of Ethics7430 Words   |  30 Pagesfindings of an analysis that I conducted on our company’s ethical decision-making process. This report will include strategies to mitigate against concerns I will have raised in the memorandum. I will also discuss the process of creating a code of ethics that will provide for employee growth through ethical decision making and continued company revenue growth. Production Concern Company X is the leader in the production of toy whistles for children the world over. Our principal production plantRead MoreIs Ethics Promoted By Human Resource Management Affects The Operations Of An Organization2474 Words   |  10 Pageswhich ethics promoted by human resource management affects the operations of an organization. The human resource management is responsible for implementing the accepted behavior of the stakeholders to ensure that the company runs smoothly. The company is dependent on the human resource in maintaining and promoting ethical behaviors as it has the responsibility of educating, training and communicating the behavior of the stakeholders. This paper clarifies the manner in which the human resource managementRead MoreEssay about Elements of a Common Ethics Program, A List of Elements794 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction This Ethics Program is based on our common ethics and is supported through our behavior every day. Company X has highest ethics of skilled integrity and ethics in the professional community. Continuing and improving our outstanding character is vital to our accomplishments. The company’s focus is on our customers, results and acting with fairness, honesty and integrity. At all times during business dealings and relationships an employee is to demonstrate these values. 1) Honesty-

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The Administration of Richard Nixon free essay sample

Following the election of 1969, the incoming Nixon administration inherited many immediate challenges from its predecessor Lyndon B. Johnson. The Vietnam war was entering its fourth year, and over 31 ,OHO American troops had been killed. At that time, 540,000 American soldiers were currently stationed in North Valetta, and no progress had been made at peace negotiations In Paris. The nation would further divide itself following the assassinations of Anti-war activists Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy in 1 968 and a rising rate of Inflation. Onions administrationImplemented an effective foreign and domestic agenda which regulated price controls, opened diplomatic relations with China, signed a National Environmental Policy Act, withdrew troops from South Vietnam and arguably ended the Cold war with signing of the SALT I agreements. However, the success of the Nixon administration will never be truly appreciated, as many of these accomplishments are now understood to be motivated by a desire to prolong his political career. We will write a custom essay sample on The Administration of Richard Nixon or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Therefore, Onions policy of political scandal as a legitimate means to mobile lattice support will forever define the format Navy commanders rise and subsequent resignation. Throughout Nixon term, the president was directly involved in the secret bombing of Cambodia, surveillance of Americans involved in anti-Vietnam war activities, violations of campaign regulations and laws in the 1972 presidential election, reports of improper influence by ITT Corp.. On the location of the future Republican National Convention and Onions fluctuating decisions on milk price supports that amounted to a shakedown for campaign funds prior to the notorious Watergate affair.

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The entity of mankind Essay Example

The entity of mankind Essay The entity of mankind is a broad phenomenon, which is characterized by various social interactions among the people. With the aspect of this interaction, the concept of dramaturgical concept of human social interaction is therefore given an important approach. Through this interaction therefore, the human coexistence is maintained with various relations developing among the society and its people. The society has to live in peace, harmony and tranquility if eternity of man is to be promised. This is however provided by the social interaction phenomenon that people affiliate in their day-to-day life. However, societal imbalance of lack of equity and equality compromise the success of the peace and harmony. This is captured or developed when the society has some inequalities in the distribution, use, and exploitation of its scarce resources. With these aspects, sociological problems will develop that help to institute the society back to a state of normality where a focus of how the so ciety can be brought back to stability is thus assured. Various sociological theories will develop as a substance of instituting various states of foundations to cater for the varying states of the societal imbalance. Depending on the social aspects affecting or working within a societal setting therefore, various theories will consequently match to safeguard an interest in explaining how various aspects within the scope of the society interact with each other in a cordial state of establishing harmony and stability within the society. With regard to the nature of the society therefore, the great encounters in intensity of state of affairs therefore leads to various interaction circumstances. Depending therefore on the image brought by such interaction, various theories will therefore work in striking a substantial harmony within the society. Such various, sociological legacies are conflicts and their resolution, equality and equity issues, gender and gender stereotypes, modern changes versus the traditional (ancient) phenomenon above other schools of thought that work within the society. In all this aspects, the people will interact with each in   solving various conflicts issues, enjoying the success of their activities and performing various activities that help to develop the society more for a more enjoyable environment for their living. Either, different sociological theories will be applicable to different groups of person within the society, depending on the gender, social class, occupational disciplines, relational circumstance, religious diversities, cultural imageries and educational backgrounds among others. (Bartos, Wehr, 2002, p. 67-76) We will write a custom essay sample on The entity of mankind specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The entity of mankind specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The entity of mankind specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Perhaps, the family is not an exception to some of these sociological theories. In its daily activities, the family is faced with various movements that define its growth, developments and existences. Different issues within the family are solved varied with every aspect within its structures calling for various sociological theories to explain them. Due to the diversity in attributes within the family members, social imbalance is highly pronounced with various conflicts arising from such phenomena. Either, with respect to the various goals and objectives of the family, sociological differences will normally arise. Other factors yielding to such indifferences are gender, equity and inequality, indifferences in the play roles by various family members which therefore state the various function components of these persons, religious diversities, and other various social ingredients that compromise the stable state of affairs within the family. However, with the importance of the family within the society, it’s important to solve the social family issues within its frontiers in a manner that ensures the existence of the family and the society as a whole. In its various strategies to form an interactive phenomenon within its members, the family will entail the use of some specific tools aimed at solving such indifference. However, sociologically the different pursuits of formulating ways and methodologies for application within the coexistence of the family involve the application of sociological theories. With the many types and perspectives of such theories, each can therefore be adequately used to explain a certain case of problem. Such theories are usually theoretical frameworks of a complex nature which help the sociologists in explaining and also analyzing in different dimension on how social structures, process and actions work together. For the purpose of this work however, these theories will be limited to the conflict theory and the way it can be used to analyze the aspects within a family. In a family, there are various social issues affecting it, such cases as conflicts on duty and role play, divorce, the status of different persons within the family, modernization and the family, religious conflicts and other various issues affecting it. Within the structure of the family therefore, different conflict will develop in regard to how the people should respond in doing different activities. Disagreements will therefore bring with them various social conflicts at the center of the state of the family which results to indifferences and disharmony in misunderstanding by the family members. With the family problems however been too divergent, this study will only for us on the relation of the conflict theory and the aspect of duty and role play by different members of the family. Despite the many social problems affecting the family, inadequacy and inefficiency by the different family members failing to play their different roles perhaps can be attributed as the main problem behind all other problem aspects operating within the family. As the unity of the society, the family is comprised of different members such as the parents and children whom to each are an allotted duty and role he/she should play. However, many are the times when such duties go undone. This is the begging of social problems calling for conflict within such a family. (Paquette, 2000, p. 46-58) In their daily movements therefore, the conflict theory will ultimately come into operation to define the various regulations that may guide the family in its structural bond. The conflict theory forms part of the various sociological theories, in which members within the societal setup or their structural organization will formulate functional relationships leading to each of the participants within the group struggling for the most maximum benefit thus leading to various social changes of revolutions, structural developments and changes in politics. Its application is most attributed in explaining the various developing conflicts acting between different groups, social classes and other social phenomena such as between the socialists and capitalists. It is an argument against the theory of functionalism with its consideration of the idea that, people within the society and their organization will work in a functional capacity to yield to each playing specific role within such societies which equals the functional relations of the different parts of the body. With the various states activities within an organization or the society, the various components of parties cannot however work harmoniously with one another due to the various differences affecting them. With such an aspect therefore the society cannot work harmoniously as an organ. The resulting consequences are various conflicts that occur between the people within the society or organization To the family, the same issues of conflict will therefore arise in the active process of the people within it trying to perform their duties. Either, during the various struggles to have the most benefit within its operation, conflict is also born. Such cases hinder the various social corporations by the family members. In the conflict theory, there are the various radical assumptions of the society been under an external conflict which will ultimately result to a series of social changes. Due to the interactive conflict within the society therefore, one effect will lead to a displacement in the normal circumstances resulting to the related social changes that arise as a result of the conflict circumstances. With this aspect therefore, the society will embrace a new standard of environment in the societal make up replenishing the existing state. Automatically, the ancient look of their society will therefore develop a new outlook and focus on the new developments will therefore amount to various generations of guiding stereotypes within the society. Either, conflict theory assumptions can be moderate which defines how societal or family conflict and their customers are interlinked. Here, with the moderate assumption, they normally assume that functionalism will still work in explaining the activity of the people within a society. Under the moderate understanding of the society therefore, the conflict theory can have an attribute of a cordial work within the people. To the family therefore it could be assumed to have specific roles for each member that helps them to work with harmony to one another and bring a stable state of agreement between these members. Clear establishments of the conflict theory are explained in the pyramid structure where the elite body is a dictator to the normal people/large masses within the society. This is perhaps clearly defined in the family set up where the decisions regarding such a family are made by a certain person. This person will thus formulate various dictations to the others in regard on how they should perform their duties. To the conflict theory, the persons who have been existing in power within their institutions, the traditional society and the law of the society are highly supported by this theory. The society morals and behaviour above concepts of deviance are predominantly explained by this theory. In which the establishment, exercise and performance of moral concepts is through the activity of the social conflict in the foundations of the moral setups. It is argued that, the society moral conceptions are founded on conflicting authorities that work to cause a conflict in their existence. With this aspect, it forms moral deviance and only working to undermine the peaceful structure of the society. With its diversity in application, it can therefore be applied at various levels both at the national level (micro level) and the family, society level (micro level) The theory is allied to some specific and basic assumptions that are dominantly expressed during its exercise. Perhaps, the most pronounced assumption in this theory is that of competition. This assumes that the people in a society, family or organization will actively compete for the few scarce resources which cause such conflicts. Naturally, mankind is characterized to be highly competitive. Elsewhere, the theory assumes of the existence of structural inequalities within the society or social structures. Consequently, inequalities develop in rewarding system and horror of power to lead to various states of benefits to the people in the various social structures. In theory, revolution is what develops from the effect of conflict. With the various social classes forming competitions, different people will thus form different adaptive strategies toward these changes. Such changes are however characterized as been revolutionary and also highly abrupt rather than them been evolutionary. With the conflict, a war of struggle consequently develops. (Schlee, Guther, 2004, p. 22) To the family set up therefore, this theory adequately explain the existence of conflict between the roles to be played by the different members of the family. For the different members of the family therefore, so will the different duties and roles of each become different. The harmony state of the family defines its continuity in the society. The parents have various duties like provision of basic needs such as security, education, love, procreation of children above others. The children also have various roles and duties to play. However, with regard to such specific goals, the various members will thus develop a disharmony with one another in the inefficiency, inadequacy, failure of support and low profile contribution toward the success of the family. Between the parents themselves, there is the lack of adequate performance of the duties where the mother or the father may act irresponsibly towards providing support for the family. Either, they may develop low interest profile to wards the upright upbringing of the family. The resulting consequences would thus be blame between the parents themselves and between the children and the parents. Either, children may fail to perform the required aspects towards the family by themselves. Hereby, there will be an inadequacy in whatever is required of them for a smooth running of the family. With this developing low profile in the performance of the family brought by there children, a blame will therefore develop.   In this case, the parents are blamed of their contribution towards their failure.   Blame will also develop between the children themselves for their contribution role to the family failure. At the family place therefore, a series of blame will be the subject within the family environment. By conflict theory also, failure and inadequacy to perform the respective duties by the family members can also be explained by the underlying assumption to this theory. Firstly, with regard to the scarcity of resources within a family set up, the members will focus on competition for these resources. The resulting consequence is conflict to the inequality in the allocation of these resources. This leads to low activity performance by the members. Naturally, the family like any other organization is bound to having limited scale of its resources. This follows a suit to the laws of nature which dictates that the society is supplied with the resources at a scarce factor Either, structural inequality is highly evident within the family set up, where different members are more challenged in embracing the family benefits than others. Consequently, a state of instability prevails in such circumstances where some members fight for the redemption of equality. Through various inequalities, different family members will be more privileged to having more benefits than others. Gender discrimination may arise from the parents to the children with some children having more benefits from the parents than others. This will be the birth of family conflicts. With the various interests developing from these inequalities, some members will be less motivated to perform their duties than others bringing into operation the conflict theory with the family frontiers. With the above resulting conflicts, the family embraces various structural changes. The state of instability born of such states of conflict leads to the development of various adoptions by various members to help adapt adequately to the changing versions of the family structure. Therefore, one aspect will lead to the other, with changing roles, duties and contributions towards the family changing. This is the start of a new revolution towards the family destiny. The family structure will thus change consequently leading to other structural therapies and changing scenarios within the family. Such changes are the leading consequences towards the revolution within the family setup. It will therefore develop from one state to another embracing the various changes born by the conflict within its premises. The resulting of the above disagreements is the beginning of struggle, war and disagreements between the family members. Blame leads to dissatisfaction, where this dissatisfaction leads to disagreements and war into operation. This implies the operations in the basics of the conflict theory within the family set up in solving the problem of duty and role play by the different members.

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How to Make LinkedIn Work for You

How to Make LinkedIn Work for You On July 30th, I was interviewed by the charismatic Pete Mockaitis of Awesome at Your Job on â€Å"Making LinkedIn Work for You.† We covered lots of ground, including Two keys to crafting an eye-grabbing LinkedIn profile Who needs a LinkedIn profile and who maybe doesn’t What to do to be both searchable and likable on LinkedIn How to make an impact with your LinkedIn Summary How to grow your LinkedIn network past 500 people quickly and responsibly The case for making recommendations I won’t spend a lot of time talking about this interview, because you can both listen to it and get a full transcript at this link: Making LinkedIn Work for You with Brenda Bernstein To view the transcript, scroll down to this section of the article and click on the + sign: Or listen here: document.createElement('audio'); https://theessayexpert.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/326_-_Making_LinkedIn_Work_for_You_with_Brenda_Bernstein.mp3 What I will say, because I want you to get all the goodies you can get from this podcast, is that I talk about everything from Big Bird and my Sesame Street failures to the lessons we can learn from bamboo trees. Oh and I talk about blenders. That’s a lot of Bs from Brenda Bernstein! I also threw a little neuroscience in there about how to create an impression before you even meet someone in person. And there’s more! I highly recommend listening to or reading this interview, even if you’ve listened to my podcasts before. The tidbits on my favorite things and life lessons are especially charming, if I do say so myself, plus you get to learn about how to make LinkedIn work for you! 🙂 Hit the â€Å"Connect† too soon 🙠 Really liked what you had to say! Working on updating my LinkedIn profile to focus on my day job while mentioning my joy being a professional musician on the side. Thank you for the tips you offered on this podcast interview with Pete! Log in to Reply Brenda Bernstein says: August 29, 2018 at 9:49 pm Thanks for your comment and for connecting with me on LinkedIn, Sten. That balance between two careers can be tricky. Let me know if you are interested in my LinkedIn Profile Review service! Log in to Reply

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Assignment 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Assignment 1 - Essay Example It is true that in today's world the Iranian government was â€Å"Feeling its oats.† The government is looking for a way for Iran to gain more influence in the region. That is one of the reasons they were pursuing a nuclear program. At the same time they were also pursuing partnerships with both Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon which has allowed them to further hem Israel into its corner. They wanted to have more influence and impact on the countries in the region. The truth is that because the American invasion of Iraq left a power vacuum in the region, the Iranians have been able to capitalize on it and gain more influence in Iraq. In a sense, Iranian interests have been served, but so have American ones. This has encouraged them and given them confidence as they pursue the expansion of their belligerent programs. They must be stopped. The United States must not allow this aggression to stand. At risk is their relationship with their ally Israel. Israel is under direct threat from Iran whose leaders have many times threatened to destroy them (The Economist). The truth is that the U.S. Can only take Iran at its word.